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We are so excited you are here!

You and your child's journey through swim lessons is an inspiration and the
Kokomo Family YMCA wants to share your success story!


You and your child are invited to submit your story within a video under 3 minutes in length.
From all video submissions, we will choose 5 finalists.
From the finalist group, our members will vote to determine the most inspiring story. The winning swim lesson participants will not only receive recognition and appreciation, but also a GRAND PRIZE. 

Instructions to enter contest:
  • Complete the Waiver/Form to enter the contest
  • Pick from the following questions to ask your child about swim lessons (you do not have to answer all of them) 
  • Video your child answering selected questions (must be under 3 mins in length). 
  • Upload video to your Facebook page and tag us @Kokomo Family YMCA


Submission Period:      August 12 - 25
Finalists Announced:   September 3
Public Voting Window: September 3 - 10
Winner Announced:     September 13


  • Who is your swim instructor?
  • How did you feel when you first started lessons compared to how you feel now? 
  • I am thankful for swim lessons because ...?
  • What is your favorite thing about swim lessons..?
  • What is one important thing you learned during swim lessons?
  • What makes you feel safe in the water?
  • Why do you like your swim instructor? 

WAIVER: Inspiring Stories - Aquatic Edition
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