Wibit at the Kokomo Family YMCA

Find fun and action on the water with the Wibit! This floating obstacle course is the next generation of aquatic entertainment with something for everyone! Each segment offers a unique challenge. 

Wibit Party Information:
• Wibit Rental is available: Saturdays 6pm - 8pm pool or Sundays 4-6 pm.
• 2 hours of pool time for rental.
• You can add the party room for an extra $50 for the hour. 
• Cost for nonmembers: $375 (2 hours)
• Cost for members: $325 (2 hours)
• No more than 12 people at a time.
• Renters will need to stop by to the membership desk to fill out a WIBIT Party form.

Please read the following (as well as the rules) before you schedule your party:
• Swim testing is a MUST, No exceptions! Yellow/Green band to pass.
• All swimmers under the age of 12 will wear a lifejacket while participating on the Wibit.
• Parental supervision is a MUST.
• Must be 6 years and older (a height of 46")
• NO sharp objects on bathing suits, sharp nails, etc.
*Lifeguards have the right to retest a person for a swim test.
* Tot Spot and Program pool will be closed as well as the lap swim.

We can't wait to share the Wibit with everyone 6 years and older (a height of 46")! Our rules and regulations for the Wibit are above, so please make sure you check those out before you head to the YMCA! 

For more information about the Wibit visit: Wibit Sports

Wibit Rules
Age and height Restrictions
To Participate on the Wibit you must be 6 years and up; a height of 46". A liability waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian before use and a wristband will be issued. 
Swim Test Requirements
All users 6-12 must pass the lap pool swim test by swimming 25 yards (1 lap), Tread water for 15 seconds and float on the back for 15 seconds all without touching the floor and wall. Please schedule a time to take the swim test unless you have already done so.
Getting on and off the Wibit
Participants must be able to independently get on and off the Wibit. Touching or hanging on the bungee cords that secure the Wibit is not allowed. Please do not swim underneath the Wibit.
No diving or flipping off the Wibit
Diving and Flipping off the Wibit is not allowed. Please go feet first when sliding down the slide or any part of the Wibit.
Forward motion only on the Wibit
Going backwards on the Wibit is not allowed. Participants must use forward motion only.
No running
You may climb, swim, slide or walk from the start to finish.
Apparel on the Wibit
Swim apparel with sharp, rough, or jagged edges; jewelry, watches, goggles, etc. and any other object including fingernails that can puncture or damage the Wibit will not be allowed.
All lifeguard decisions are Final. Any parents/guardians with questions can see Aquatic Director or Aquatic Coordinator. 
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