UPDATED: February 15, 2023

Welcome to this Wednesday's update email. Thank you for your continued interest and support as we work on our Aquatics Center. We hope you are enjoying the warm weather today! Maybe you can take a few minutes to read today's update while sitting outside?
Here are this week's updates: 

  1. The program pool is closed 🚧 as we work to balance the chemicals. We are testing regularly and will post on social media when it's open again.
  2. We are excited to have new overhead lighting added soon in the Aquatics Center. Parts have been ordered and we look forward to the installation.
  3. Speaking of parts, new parts continue to arrive for the program pool and steam room. We look forward to having this issue resolved!
  4. If you are new to these update emails, as we always mention in our updates, the issues with the Aquatic Center are related to dehumidification equipment that has been repeatedly repaired and replaced. However, these are short-term solutions, and more work will be needed to permanently resolve the issue.
  5. It feels like Spring today, huh? 😎 While we are currently experiencing warmer weather, please remember: As the temperatures outside fluctuate, that can affect our indoor temperatures in our current configuration. When we experience extreme cold weather outside, we see colder temperatures in the Aquatic Center. Please plan to bring extra clothing, extra towels or even a robe to stay warm when exiting the water during these colder days.Under extreme weather conditions and as a last resort, we may have to close the Aquatic Center. It is Indiana, so we could have a snowstorm tomorrow!
  6. Swim lessons are back! They have been scheduled for the end of February. Registration for members is now open. Register HERE! 
  7. While we continue our repairs, please consider the many other options we have available: Group Fitness Classes, Active Older Adult Classes, 1/9 mile indoor track and new cardio equipment. We have classes for all ages and ability levels. Let our instructors help you with modifications to fit your fitness level and find encouragement from friendly, welcoming classmates.You can find these schedules on our website and app - or ask for a print copy at the membership desk.  
  8. Should any major changes occur with our Aquatics Center, we will send out additional update emails, as well as: Update our website, app, social media channels, and in-house signage in an effort to keep you informed. Please know that you are still welcome to call ahead for the most accurate, up to date information regarding our Aquatics Center.
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