Infant Care - Birth to 12 months
Infancy is a time of great growth and discovery. Our infant care is based on the individual needs of each child. From individualizing sleep and feeding schedules to match each child’s unique needs, to creating exploration experiences that are appropriate for each child’s stage of development. Our focus is on creating an experience for each infant that encourages growth and development while providing a safe nurturing environment. Daily children have opportunities to explore art materials, snuggle on a teacher’s lap with a story, experiment with sound and music, build with blocks, and move around to build muscle strength.

Questions? Call us at: (765)236-2070
Toddler Care - 1 to 3 Years Old
The first and second years of life are unique times in a child’s life, requiring a delicate blend of caring comfort and freedom for exploration. Our teachers specialize in creating an environment that allows for safe and exciting exploration with caring support to encourage growth. Daily opportunities are planned for children to experience language building activities from signing to shared stories, sensory exploration from coloring on sand paper to exploring scent bottles, construction and block play to build early concepts of cause and effect, and lots of opportunities for moving and exercising their growing bodies. By blending both shared learning experiences with individualized one on one opportunities, each child’s unique development and interests are celebrated within each classroom.

Questions? Call us at: (765)236-2070
Preschool Age - 3 to 5 Years Old
Our Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten program offers an abundance of hands on learning experiences. Well-planned learning centers that allow for child choice, self directed play, and supportive teaching that prepares children for academic excellence make up the core of our program. From exploring what bugs need to survive to investigating how to construct a dollhouse, children embrace opportunities for authentic learning experiences that directly relate to their interests allowing for intrinsic motivation. Teachers support children’s learning by planning activities and creating centers that enhance the children’s developing interests. With each new project children embrace:
  • Mathematical Reasoning “How long to my pieces of wood need to be?”
  • Scientific Inquiry “If we give the plant milk to drink will that make it stronger?”
  • Language Expression “I need to read about what bugs sting!”
  • Creative Expression “I want to paint my puppet theater.”
In addition to planning exceptional activities within the classroom our teachers use Ages & Stages assessment tools to help ensure that each child’s individual growth and development is maximized.

Questions? Call us at: (765)236-2070
Out of School Time (OST)
YMCA Out of School Time (OST) is designed to provide children of working parents with a quality before and after school care in a healthy and caring environment. We recognize the growing competence and independence of children from kindergarten through 12 years if age. Children will participate in a variety of structured activities and games in the program, along with reading time and homework help. A snack will be served each afternoon.

We serve all Kokomo area schools, however, Kokomo Schools provides transportation to/from our Child Care Center and care is on-site at Taylor Elementary.

Our hours of operation at our Downtown location are 6:00am to when the last bus leaves and 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Monday through Friday. We are also open during holiday breaks, delays, and inclement weather.

Our hours of operation on-site at Taylor Elementary are 6:30am - School Start  and School Release - 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. 

Have questions? Contact us at 765-457-4447 or

Rates and Fees (With exception to Taylor, who is supported through 21st Century Scholars at no charge)
Our weekly rates and program fees for the 2021-2022 school year as follows:
• $55.00 per week for Before OR After School Enrichment.
• $110.00 per week for Before AND After School Enrichment.
• There is a one-time Enrollment Fee of $30.00 for one child or $40.00 for multiple children.
• We will charge a $30.00 Fall Activity Fee and a $30.00 Spring Activity Fee in the appropriate season.
• Discovery Camps/OST Days will have different rates and those will be made available as the dates near.

We accept CCDF vouchers at our Downtown OST site. Please contact Missy Markley at our Child Care Office at 765-236-2070 for more information.
Payments are due Fridays at noon for the following week. A $20 late fee will be applied to any payments made after that deadline.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Downloadable files and forms coming soon:


Play & Learn Center
We offer free drop-in child care while mom or dad make use of the Y. Playful, engaging options are plentiful for young children while you exercise or connect with others over shared interests. Your little ones can spend up to two hours a day with us at our Play & Learn Center!

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday:
8:30 am - 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
8 am - noon

Child Care

Licensed Early Learning Center - Paths to Quality Level 3

*** We accept CCDF and On My Way Pre-K vouchers ***

Welcome to the Kokomo YMCA Early Learning Center!

Strong Beginnings Create Bright Futures!

Here at the ELC we strive to make your child’s daycare experience one of a kind. With so many demands on today’s f amilies and the increased focus on early brain development, families need all the support they can get to nurture the potential of youth. That’s why child care and early learning programs at the Y focus on holistically nurturing child development by providing a safe and healthy place to learn foundational skills, develop healthy, trusting relationships and build self-reliance through the Y values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Strong Beginnings Create Bright Futures!

The YMCA Early Learning Center believes that the lives of young children can be enriched and strengthened by the quality of early learning opportunities provided to them. The Early Learning Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for all children, providing opportunities that stimulate the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. Every child is considered a unique individual with unique needs. The Early Learning Center provides a variety of experiences that accommodate the individual needs of the child while simultaneously supporting and building upon their abilities to participate in a community. Efforts are embedded within the program to instill values of honesty, care, responsibility, and respect.

We offer quality care for infants through preschoolers, enabling parents and family members to go to work knowing their children are in a safe, enjoyable, and stimulating environment. We take great pride in knowing that our Early Learning Center is helping shape the development of our kids, as well as the curriculum and activities they encounter each day. To see our spots available, feel free to call our office at 765-236-2070 or stop by to get an application and take a tour of our building.

Thank you,

Melissa Markley
Early Learning Center Coordinator

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