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Tobacco 21

Raising the sale age to 21 complements other strategies to reduce tobacco use, including higher tobacco taxes and well-funded tobacco prevention and cessation programs. Tobacco 21 is a first step. Tobacco 21 policies are promising but are not sufficient in fixing Indiana’s tobacco addiction crisis. Any tobacco 21 policy should be well-enforced with a focus on retailer compliance and should be paired with other policies like tax increases and additional funding for prevention and cessation programs.
Tobacco addiction starts early. 90 percent of people who smoke started before the age of 18 and 95 percent started before the age of 21.


Reason #11:

Indiana teens are more likely to use vaping devices than cigarettes. The increase in vaping among youth is rising at such an alarming rate that the U.S. Surgeon General is calling it an epidemic that “demands action to protect the lives of young people.” Know the risks. Visit: 
Indiana State Department of Health: https://www.in.gov/isdh/tpc/2764.htm
Surgeon General: https://e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov/

If you or someone you know is ready to free themselves from tobacco, free resources for quitting are available: 1.800.Quit.Now (1-800-784-8669) or (1-855-335-3569) (for Spanish speakers) or visit https://www.quitnowindiana.com/ -This free service offers many resources, including coaching, help with making a quit plan, educational materials, referrals to other resources where you live, information on FDA-approved cessation medications, and, in some cases, free or discounted cessation medications. 

How Is Smoking Related to HIV? 

December 1 World's AIDS Day . Smoking causes one in every five deaths in the United States each year.6 About one in five Americans smokes cigarettes.6

If you smoke and have HIV, you’re more likely to get HIV-related infections, including:1

Smoking when you have HIV also makes you more likely to get other serious illnesses than nonsmokers with HIV. These illnesses can make you too sick to work (disabled) or even lead to an early death. They include:


Tobacco Free Howard County is a coalition including local partners, nonprofit, health ,faith and community organizations committed to educating the public on the deadly hazards of tobacco use. We are committed to decreasing secondhand exposure, encouraging smoking cessation (1.800.Quit.Now) and youth advocacy to improve a healthier smoke free community.


Protect and maintain a tobacco control alliance infrastructure needed to combat tobacco use, as well as work locally to reduce tobacco use.
Work to protect Hoosiers from exposure to secondhand smoke, supporting local and/or statewide smoke-free air ordinances.
Promote the Indiana Quitline (1-800-QUIT NOW) and support employers by providing tobacco treatment resources at their workplace.
Promote and educate the community about tobacco point-of-sale strategies implemented at the local level to entice youth to smoke.


For more information, contact Shirley Dubois, Tobacco Free Coordinator, at: 765.513.8514 or shirley.dubois@kokomoymca.org
For more information on cessation, visit: https://www.quitnowindiana.com/
For more information about the smoke free ordinance, visit: http://www.howardcountyin.gov/community/smoke-free

Community Support

After decades of progress lowering smoking rates, we know what works to protect youth from tobacco products. We need state lawmakers to act this year to make sure communities have the resources they need to do this work. Raising the cigarette tax by $2 will generate resources to take on this epidemic. #RaiseItForHealth

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