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Smoking creates lung damage which makes it hard to recover when/if you are infected with the COVID-19 virus. Smoking also weakens your immune system. In fact, smoking damages nearly every organ in the body. The good news is, now there are more resources than ever to help people quit! Learn more HERE


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"Advertising can also make e-cigarette use look harmless for young people. Lauren, the high school teacher, says that most of her students know that regular cigarettes cause disease and even death. However, she says most of them don’t know that nicotine in e-cigarettes can harm brain development, or that e-cigarettes can be dangerous to youth for other reasons, too."

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How does COVID-19 affect people who use tobacco products? 

Researchers and medical professionals are saying it is reasonable to assume that smoking, and possibly vaping, could increase the risk of developing serious adverse effects from the COVID-19.

  • In general, long-term smokers and e-cigarette users are at a heightened risk of developing chronic lung conditions. The CDC has said that those with serious underlying medical conditions, such as lung disease, heart disease and diabetes, may be at a higher risk from COVID-19.
  • Smoking and vaping have been shown to affect the lungs and the immune system, which strongly suggests that using these products increases the risk of infection and worse outcomes from COVID-19.
  • Experts are warning, based on current research, that people with compromised health due to smoking or vaping and people with opioid, methamphetamine, cannabis, and other substance use disorders could find themselves at increased risk of COVID-19 and its more serious complications.
  • With the global outbreak of COVID-19, now is the best time to quit tobacco use in order to keep your body resilient against disease. There are free resources available that Hoosiers can use in the comfort of their own home, including the Indiana Tobacco Quitline. Those who are ready to quit can call 1-800-Quit-Now for phone counseling, or by visiting for more information.
  • Young people interested in quitting vaping can text ‘Indiana’ to 88709 to enroll in the This Is Quitting text messaging program.

Click HERE to view the Indiana State Department of Health's coronavirus answers to frequently asked questions.


Tobacco Free Howard County is a coalition including local partners, nonprofit, health ,faith and community organizations committed to educating the public on the deadly hazards of tobacco use. We are committed to decreasing secondhand exposure, encouraging smoking cessation (1.800.Quit.Now) and youth advocacy to improve a healthier smoke free community.


Protect and maintain a tobacco control alliance infrastructure needed to combat tobacco use, as well as work locally to reduce tobacco use.

Work to protect Hoosiers from exposure to secondhand smoke, supporting local and/or statewide smoke-free air ordinances. 

Promote the Indiana Quitline (1-800-QUIT NOW) and support employers by providing tobacco treatment resources at their workplace.

Promote and educate the community about tobacco point-of-sale strategies implemented at the local level to entice youth to smoke.


For more information, contact Jenn Ogle, Tobacco Free Coordinator, at: 765.513.8514 or

For more information on cessation, visit:

For more information about the smoke free ordinance, visit:

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After decades of progress lowering smoking rates, we know what works to protect youth from tobacco products. We need state lawmakers to act this year to make sure communities have the resources they need to do this work. Raising the cigarette tax by $2 will generate resources to take on this epidemic. #RaiseItForHealth

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