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All kids have great potential. At the Y, we work every day to help them set and achieve their personal and educational goals. As a result, children and teens in Kokomo gain confidence as they recognize the Y as a place where they belong and can feel comfortable exploring new interests and passions. Additionally, through our leadership and academic enrichment programs such as the Reach & Rise™ Mentoring Program, Youth and Government and college preparation, the Y makes sure that every child has an opportunity to envision and pursue a positive future, and to take an active role in strengthening his or her community.

It can be hard to figure out your place in the world. As a young person with your whole life ahead of you, having the right guidance and support can make a real difference in figuring out who you are and what you can achieve. Whether kids come to the Y looking to explore their interests, or for support in navigating challenges, the Y is committed to nurturing children and teens and roots for their success.
Reach & Rise Mentor Program

Inspire a Future: Become a Mentor

We are excited to offer Reach & Rise Mentoring Program, a national YMCA mentoring program, which supports youth ages 6 to 17. Reach & Rise is a one-to-one community-based mentoring program aimed to transition youth from “risk to resiliency” and build a better future for youth by maximizing each child’s potential, with the support of caring adults. This is a free program, established to provide youth from over-stressed families in our community an opportunity to grow through a positive relationship with an adult mentor.

Why Be a Mentor?

  • Provide youth with a POSITIVE, growth-inducing relationship
  • Be a SOLUTION to the problem
  • Move youth from risk to RESILIENCY
  • Have a DIRECT impact on your local community
  • Make a DIFFERENCE in the life of someone in need

Mentor Requirements:

  • Must be at least 23 years old
  • Complete paraprofessional training (15 hours over 4-5 weeks)
  • Pass fingerprint security screening
  • Meet with youth 1-3 hours each week (scheduled by mentor, youth, and youth’s family)
  • Make a 1 year commitment to the program

Training Curriculum:

Mentors go through 15 hours of therapeutic paraprofessional training, which is spread out over the course of five weeks. The training will provide a better understanding of cultural/social development, mental health issues, risk factors, and ways to communicate with at risk youth. Reach & Rise is an intentional program that utilizes a strength-based approach to build trusting relationships, develop cultural empathy, and create positive change.

Mentoring can include:

  • Educational Support and Tutoring
  • Involvement in Recreational Activities
  • Exploration of Interests and Strengths
  • Skill Development
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Recreational Activities (such as arts and crafts, environmental activities and social outlets)

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Rachele Carter at 765.457.4447 or
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