What OUR “C” Means to Us

Founded in 1844 by George Williams and eleven Christian young men, the Y has a long history of building a healthy spirit, mind and body for all through Christian principles. For many of our members and staff we describe our Christian principles as loving, caring and serving as the hands and heart of Christ, for all. We strive to emphasize actions and attitudes that reflect the Golden Rule, encouraging all members to live out their diverse beliefs and faith at the Y as they participate in our mission.  

Although the YMCA is not a church, we are a Christian-focused organization with a strong religious heritage that has deeply shaped our work across the country and the world. We believe that our Christian principles can help us be for all in healthy ways as we build up individuals and families from all walks of life. Alongside this, we offer faith-based programming and events throughout the year, as well as partner with Christian churches and organizations to further strengthen the foundations of our community.