Social Services at the Kokomo Family YMCA

To bring about meaningful change, individuals need ongoing encouragement and tools. We’re here day-in and day-out to provide the resources our communities need to address the most pressing social issues: child welfare, education, employment, housing and substance abuse. We work to make sure every child, family and community has what they need to achieve their best.

As a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y was created in response to social challenges and remains to this day a lifeline in communities around the world. The Y understands the challenges that keep individuals from reaching their full potential and responds with services and support which help people to be self-reliant, productive and connected to the community. Each Y responds to the unique issues influencing the community and provides support through services focused on critical areas, such as child welfare, community health, job training, environmental education, quality of life or family services. Below are a few examples of how the Y is providing support to millions of people nationwide.

The following are organizations and programs the Y helps support through enrichment activities, memberships and other forms of support:

Bona Vista

The Y has had an agreement with Bona Vista for several years that allows for staff of Bona Vista to bring clients into the YMCA to participate in activities and exercise. We have also provided assistance with vocational training as Bona Vista brings some of their clients in to receive hands-on training by volunteering to do work around the YMCA under the supervision of Bona Vista staff.

Kokomo Center Schools; Early Head Start Fatherhood Program

The YMCA offers program space for Fatherhood program coordinator Guy Lovell to bring his “fathers” for social interaction as well as the development of healthy lifestyle choices. The program is designed to help men become better fathers and husbands.

Family Services Association of Howard County

The Family Service Association’s mission is to serve vulnerable families through prevention and crisis intervention programs. This includes many different programs and services including the Domestic Violence Program and Shelter. The YMCA has offered those whose lives have been disrupted by domestic violence and have sought refuge in the FSA shelter to utilize the services and programs of the YMCA since approximately 2005.

Organizations & Agencies

The YMCA routinely donates between 20-40 full annual or partial year memberships to a wide variety of other nonprofit agencies and organizations throughout Howard County. These memberships are generally auctioned to raise money for those other agencies. The value of those memberships is between $10,000—$20,000. In addition, many schools, churches, and child care programs utilize our Camp Tycony property, at no charge, for nature events and programs for students.

Kokomo Rescue Mission

Over the past several years, the YMCA has allowed residents at the Kokomo Rescue Mission that are a part of the “New Life”program to utilize the YMCA for membership purposes. It is a continuing part of the KRM clients process in committing to find work, find a church home, and to integrate fully into society.


Kokomo HUDDLE was founded in 2004 by five men with a heart for God and a desire to share His love for us with other men. HUDDLE is a weekly Bible study that focuses on biblical teaching and fellowship and encouragement for the nearly 170 men that come each Wednesday. The mission is to “grow, strengthen, and encourage men to know Jesus Christ and make Him known in our community.” Dick Sanburn, who serves on the board of directors for HUDDLE, said “The Y has been the home of HUDDLE since its inception, providing space, storage, maintenance and office help to the ministry. HUDDLE couldn’t reach the men it does if it weren’t for the YMCA’s generous contribution…The YMCA is the perfect place for HUDDLE and to draw men to Christ, and it absolutely wouldn’t happen if the YMCA did not invest in us like they do!”

Military Memberships

We understand that military families are under enormous strain. Deployment can be a stressful and uncertain time for our nation’s servicemen and women and their families. In partnership with the Armed Services YMCA and the Department of Defense, the Y is proud to offer memberships and respite child care services to eligible military families and personnel to give them extra support during this difficult period. It’s our way of giving back to those who dedicate themselves to serving our country.