Our Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten program offers an abundance of hands on learning experiences. Well-planned learning centers that allow for child choice, self directed play, and supportive teaching that prepares children for academic excellence make up the core of our program. From exploring what bugs need to survive to investigating how to construct a dollhouse, children embrace opportunities for authentic learning experiences that directly relate to their interests allowing for intrinsic motivation. Teachers support children’s learning by planning activities and creating centers that enhance the children’s developing interests. With each new project children embrace:

  • Mathematical Reasoning “How long to my pieces of wood need to be?”
  • Scientific Inquiry “If we give the plant milk to drink will that make it stronger?”
  • Language Expression “I need to read about what bugs sting!”
  • Creative Expression “I want to paint my puppet theater.”

In addition to planning exceptional activities within the classroom our teachers use Ages & Stages assessment tools to help ensure that each child’s individual growth and development is maximized.

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